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tDot ai enables control of each asset movement to create a single-source of truth database; it is always accurate and current.

Elevate asset lifecycle management

Seamless asset discovery and integration

Ensure real-time tracking and control

Harness intuitive, user-centric solutions

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Medical Equipment (asset classes)

Medical equipment is the very definition of mission critical; the reliability and whereabouts of each asset and device should always be current.  Asset identification and location (room numbering) combine within tDot to control assets and achieve maximum productivity; giving staff the ability to access current asset data, in the pharmacy, on the ward, or by key decision makers at a corporate level.


tDot evolved from IT asset management, as IT asset management itself is now evolving into a more configuration-based approach.  All the while tDot, has proven that asset management is about embedded processes not technology.  tDot products and solutions enable SME’s to have the same level of accountability and transparency for IT as much large organizations at a fraction of the cost. 


Productivity of both staff and assets is key to successful and profitable manufacturing and factories.  Unfortunately, factories can be messy places where it is easy to lose track of what is going on, tDot products & solutions don’t use a tech heavy approach (and expensive infrastructure) but a simple set of steps and procedures that enable asset capture and asset control (and accountability of employees) without a whole lot of admin overhead.


With controlled chemicals, heavy machinery and tagged livestock farming at scale is data intensive.  Add in the distances travelled each day around the farm, keeping control of each asset and data point while on the move is where tDot products come into their own.  It is a big solution for businesses who want to be on the ‘tools’ not at the desk.

Logistics & Transport

Watch this space major announcement and product launch 2024.  It will change everything for transport companies (we are excited) and if you are excited also, please contact us, as we are looking for partners to launch with.

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Discover how much you could save with tDot's asset management solutions.

10 assets
200 users


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Disclaimer: Based on industry averages, against no AMS in place: factoring not only lost in return on
assets but also loss in employee productivity.

Our Structured Approach

Asset Recognition

Discovery, identification, and cataloging of all assets.

Data Purification & Transfer

Cleansing of asset data and seamless migration to the AMS

Organizational Structuring

Ensure financial clarity and regulatory compliance through timely reports.

Audit & Report Generation

Ensure financial clarity and regulatory compliance through timely reports.

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Asset Discovery (On-site)

Asset Lifecycle Management

Complete AMS Suite

FAR Compliance by 2024 (For India)

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