FAR Compliance in 2024 (For India)

Future-Ready Compliance, Crafted for India.

Stay a step ahead in the evolving landscape of Indian legislation. With tDot, ensure that your assets are primed and ready to meet the FAR requirements set for 2024.


Navigate the regulatory terrain of the future with precision. Our FAR 2024 workflow is a roadmap to compliance, built on expertise and foresight.

Legislative Understanding

Deep dive into the FAR 2024 requirements, ensuring no rule is overlooked.

Asset Adaptation 

Refinement and restructuring of asset data to align with FAR standards.

CA-led Consultation

Benefit from insights and guidance of Chartered Accountants familiar with the legislative landscape.

Trial Runs & Validation

Simulate scenarios to test for FAR compliance ahead of the deadline.


Steer Clear of the Future, With FAR 2024 Readiness.

Anticipate the future with confidence. As India gears up for the FAR 2024 standards, tDot equips you with the tools and expertise to ensure your assets aren’t just compliant but are primed for the evolving legislative landscape.

In-depth Legislative Understanding

Navigate the nuances of the upcoming FAR requirements, leveraging our team’s expertise and in-depth legislative knowledge.

Our roster boasts some of the best Chartered Accountants, ensuring precision, and adherence to regional financial standards.

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FAR Compliance by 2024 (For India)

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