Asset Lifecycle Management

Orchestrating Assets from Birth to Retirement.

Seamlessly navigate the life journey of every asset. With tDot’s Lifecycle Management, monitor, maintain, and manage assets, ensuring optimal utilization and longevity.


Step into a systematic journey that tracks and manages the lifecycle of your assets. Every phase, every touchpoint, wrapped into a streamlined process.

Asset Inception

Onboarding assets, understanding their purpose, and initializing their digital footprint.

Active Monitoring

Continual oversight to ensure optimal utility and preventive maintenance.

Lifecycle Analysis

Data-driven insights into asset usage, wear, and anticipated lifecycle.

Decommission Strategy

Strategize the exit or repurposing of assets approaching end-of-life.


Charting Asset Journeys, From Inception to Sunset.

Every asset tells a story, and with tDot’s Lifecycle Management, you’re the author. Seamlessly oversee the complete asset timeline, ensuring maximized utility and efficient management at every phase.

Asset Discovery

Begin with a comprehensive audit of assets, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Utilize our state-of-the-art system to streamline and standardize asset management operations.

Stay ahead with proactive compliance checks, ensuring adherence to industry and legislative standards.

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Asset Discovery

Asset Lifecycle Management

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FAR Compliance by 2024 (For India)

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