Asset Discovery (On-site)

Discover Assets, On-Site and Hands-On.

In a digital age, tDot redefines asset management by setting foot on your premises. Our on-site asset discovery service meticulously identifies and tags every asset, offering a tangible difference from standard SaaS providers.


Transcend from the abstract to the tangible with our on-ground Asset Discovery workflow. Engage with a process that bridges the digital and the physical, ensuring no asset goes unnoticed.

Preliminary Analysis

Scout and chart out the asset landscape within your establishment.

Physical Tagging

Each asset is distinctly marked for easy identification and cataloging.

Digital Integration

Bring the physical data into the digital domain for comprehensive management.


Ground-Zero Asset Insights, Delivered On-Site.

Dive into the physical realm of your business space with tDot. Our hands-on approach captures every asset detail, ensuring an exhaustive and tangible catalog that sets us apart in a digital-first world.

Asset Identification

Dive deep into the physical spaces of your organization, identifying and cataloging each asset with precision.

Beyond mere identification, we ensure data is primed for integration. We cleanse inconsistencies, migrate essential data, and model it to align with organizational strategies.

Our end result—a holistic register, capturing every asset detail, ensuring you have a 360-degree view at your fingertips.

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